Our Philosophy

The idea of Middle Way refers to the concept used in internal disciplines of not veering into extremes. This is a natural principle which helps explain the essence of balance. In Tai Chi we can see how: on a physical level Balance is needed to facilitate smooth movement from one posture to another and the middle way of achieving this is through finding and maintaining the bodies Central Equilibrium; on a energy level a separation of Yin (dense, heavy, downward, still) qualities and Yang (light, ascending, active, dynamic) qualities must be maintained in the body, on a mind level a light spirit is achieved through relaxing the denser aspects of mind and cognition. We relax and let go of holding emotions to allow clear insight/perception to naturally arise in the mind.

So recognising where these dualistic and opposite characteristics separate we become aware of their boundaries yet do not indulge in one at the cost of the other, so we take the Middle Way.

This website will regularly update all news concerning the Middle Way School of Tai Chi with updates about classes, up-and-coming events as well as articles and related information that students and members of the public may find of interest.