• Tai Chi Poem

    Tai Chi Poem

    How wonderful is T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Whose movements follow nature! Continuous like a jade bracelet, Every...
  • Short Form Class

    Short Form Class

    Students practise their Short Form in the Monday class lead by Chris, from 6.30-8pm. Share this: TwitterShareClick...
  • Three Masters

    Three Masters

    The Middle Way School of Tai Chi follows the path set by Dr Chi Chiang-Tao, Cheng Man-Ching and Alan...

Welcome to the Middle Way School of Tai Chi!

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About Us

The Middle Way School of Tai Chi is a direct descendent of the Natural Way School ran by the late Alan Peck. The teachers at the Middle Way School were Alan’s most distinguished, senior students and were already recognized as teachers in their own right. They now combine their skills and experience to continue this Tai Chi lineage – the tradition of Dr Chi Chiang-Tao.

Classes meet on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at the Lam Rim Centre for Whole Health in Bedminster, Bristol.


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