It’s all in the feet

Posted August 16th, 2014 in Short Form, Videos by Phil Vickery

The classic are clear about how we generate Tai Chi force through the body: ” The force is rooted in the feet, channelled through the legs, the direction is governed by the waist, and up through the spine the force is expressed and issued out to the hands and fingers”. Sometimes the words of the classics seem theoretical and difficult to get a real feeling for. However have a look at this link showing the grand-son of one of Professor Cheng-Man-ching’s class mates Fu Zhong-wen. Here we can see that all moves are completely generated through accurate and sound generation of force from the ground through the feet and legs.

The form is a modified Yang style form and most postures should look familiar even if they don’t look exactly the way as Dr Chi Chiang-tao and ourselves practice it.


Enjoy: http://taichivideos.org/james-fu-qing-quan-performs-yang-28/


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