Tai Chi for health and movement-no 1

Posted June 29th, 2014 in Uncategorized by Chris Hill

To encourage good overall health please ensure that you in corporate other types of exercise into your daily life, some walking, bike riding or something more rigorous like tennis or squash (In my case football and Brazilian Jujitsu). When performing these activities look for “the Tai Chi in them” and see if this helps your performance and body movement. Through our Tai Chi practice I believe we are experts on how to move and use the human body, so I would like you encourage you to use your body and try new activities, test your Tai Chi for its movement, when recovering from that activities open yourself up to Tai Chi healing benefits. Your practice should help you understand your own limits,  others haven’t gained that level of understanding from their body. I have found that Tai Chi not only helps me to recover from minor injuries(Football & BJJ),but also some stresses, it also helps me feel invigorated and balanced, it does it in a understated way which require very little physical effort, nor does it require you to attend a gym or where are any special cloths. So please practice your Tai Chi and further your understanding of the art, follow natures principles (not you-tube) enjoy your vessel, your body.image  Tai Chi is not complicated and you   already have the tools for developing. Practice

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