Tai Chi in the community

Posted April 16th, 2011 in News by Chris Hill

On behalf of Bristol city council`s,  Bristol Active Life Project (BALP) I recently  gave two one hour Tai Chi workshops for a Young mother`s charity, one workshop was held in Easton and the other in Henleaze.  During the workshop I taught some basic Tai Chi exercises and offered my opinion about relaxation and it`s positive effects on physical and mental health.  Many of the young mother`s hadn`t heard of Tai Chi but from the feedback they gave, I  feel the workshops went really well, I had a positive experience  as I hope they did.

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  1. Phil V says:

    Positive stuff Chris. It’s good that organisations are able to gain some experience of Tai Chi in courses like this, as it affords them the opportunity to get a brief insight. Well done that both you and people involved all got some good experience from it.

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